MEDISEC Healthcare was established in 2012 to produce in the field of health and medical. As a result of long-term serious breakthroughs and researches by young and enterprising pharmacists in Gaziantep, it has started production in the sector.

Firstly, it produces insulin pen needle tip which is used continuously for diabetic patients and has also achieved high success in Compressor Nebulizer with Compressor for respiratory patients. In parallel with our ongoing investment efforts, we aim to offer new products and solutions to the sector.

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Our Mission

  1. Respect and Commitment
    • We do our job in the right way, with the right and with the heart.
    • We make clear promises, we always fulfill the promises we make, we report the results.
    • Ourself and work We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, thereby building long-term relationships based on trust.
  2. We Become
    • The first and common goal of all of us is to satisfy our customers; for this we support each other, we appreciate the support given to us.
    • We care and support team and organization performance as well as individual performance.
    • In all our communications, we listen first and understand the needs.
    • We trust each other and respect each other's expertise.
    • We make our decisions by considering the whole and evaluating its effects on the whole.
  3. Creativity
    • We think and say how a job cannot be done, but by developing new approaches.
    • In cases where standard solutions cannot meet different needs, we rapidly produce the most appropriate solutions by taking advantage of our knowledge, experience, relationships and technology.
    • We develop new ideas to make life easier for our customers and each other, and take action to implement these ideas.
  4. Leadership
    • We embrace change; we know that everyone, including ourselves, has to do its part in order for change to take place quickly and smoothly.
    • As long as we can learn from our mistakes and we do not repeat our mistakes, we take initiative and encourage them to use them.
    • We surely appreciate a job well done; we also provide feedback to improve each other. We rationally defend the issues we believe in to the fullest, and work constructively to implement them.

Our Vision

  • Being a leader in the production of medical products in Turkey and the world.
  • To produce products respecting nature and human.
  • To be the leading company in health and medical device products.
  • Provide thousands of jobs with the philosophy of live and live.
  • Never compromise on quality.
  • Always developing projects for the better.
  • As Medisec family, to grow further and create added value for our country.

Turning Points Brief History of Our Company

March, 2012

Young, entrepreneurial spirit together with friends geliptürkiye pharmacists have not yet taken a decision for the production of needle without insulin production.

May, 2012

No serious attempts to end the long discontinued insulin injections for diabetics and research in Turkey began as a result of the production activities in the sector.

June 2015

Medisec Medical Device products, which have become a leading company in the sector, has grown into a serious brand value as a result of new investments and R & D studies.

September, 2016

Yet very few production made in Turkey "Compressor Compressor Nebulizer" won the production site and new breakthroughs in the medical products industry, it has expanded the diversity and quality every day.