Zero Plus Compressor Nebulizer Features

01 General Features

Compressor Nebulizer is a device that can be taken by inhalation that vaporizes liquid drugs. In young children with nebulizer, it is possible to adapt metered dose inhalation and use asthma medications that can use with severe asthma effectively.

Nebülizatör ile kullanılmak üzere hazırlanmış özel ilaçlara NEBÜL adı verilmektedir. zero Neb Kompresörlü Nebülizatör Astım,Kronik Akciğer Hastalıkları (Koah), Kistik Fibroz,Bronşiyal Astım, Akut ve Kronik Bronşitler, Pnömoni Tedavilerinde kullanılmaktadır.

  • User Guide
  • Model No: KS-NEB-001
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is produced from raw material by injection method.
  • The engine mounts are made of thermoplastic which does not burn and reduces vibration.
  • The minimum pressure of the engine is 2.5 bar.
  • Sound measurement is less than 52 DB.
  •  Particle size is optimal for treatment.
  • The maximum capacity of the drug chamber is 6 ml.
  • The kit includes an adult and children mask.
  • 2 year warranty

02 Technical information

Voltage / Frequency AC ^^ 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power / Current 170 VA / 0,7 A
Pharmaceutical Capacity 6 ml
Particle Size  0,4 to 9 µm
MMAD 2,79 µm
GSD 2,57
Average nebulization rate 0,07 ml / min
Sound Level Below 70 dBA
Compressor Pressure Range  2,8 -3,5 bar
Operating temperature 32,2 ⁰C
Compressor Flow Rate 8,12 l / dak (min)
Compressor Outlet Pressure 8 psi
Aerosol Miktarı 0,08 ml /dak (min)


03 Accessories

6 ml. Pharmaceutical Container
2 Meter Air Tube
2 Pieces Mask
Filter ( 5 Pieces)


04 2 Year Warranty

The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the product and is 2 years. All parts including the product are covered by our company's warranty.

In case of malfunction of the goods within the warranty period, the period of repair time.

The repair period of the goods is maximum 30 (thirty) working days. This period to the service station of the failure, in the absence of the service station, the seller of the goods, notification to one of the manufacturers, agents, agents, importers or manufacturers of the In case of failure of the goods can not be repaired within 15 working days until the repair of the manufacturer-manufacturer or importer to allocate another property with the characteristics to the use of the consumer

For warranty problems, please contact T.C. industry and Trade Ministry General Directorate of Protection of Consumers and Competition can be applied.

05 Usage Video